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What does Dental Technology Jobs do?
Dental labs and other employers of dental technicians contact us when they need dental technicians. We then post ads on our website for them that any technician can easily view.
Do technicians pay for this service?
No. This is a free service for dental technicians.
Do dental techncians need to be members to view the technician wanted ads.
No. Any site visitor can quickly and easily view the technician wanted ads.
Are techician wanted ads only posted for dental laboratories?
No. We can post technician wanted ads for dental manufacturers, dental suppliers and any other dental companies and organizations that need dental technician employees.
How can dental technicians learn about new jobs and opportunities.
Any site visitor can easily view dental technician wanted ads. Also any technician can easily register for our "Job Watch" service.
What is the Job Watch service?
Dental technicians can easily fill out and submit our online "Job Watch" form. We will then inform them by email of jobs of interest to them. In this way they can immediately learn about new jobs of interest to them.
How can Job Watch help the career of a dental technician?
This service can be used by employed or unemployed technicians. Unemployed technicians can use this service to find the job they need. Employed technicians can also use this service to be made aware of new opportunities about which they might choose to take action.
How else can Dental Technology Jobs help technicians in successful careers?
We encourage any technician to call us at any time regarding their career goals. We can then inform them of any current and future opportunites that might appeal to them including; jobs partnerships, labs to buy etc. Call us in confidence at 905-841-2332.