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Testimonials from Dental technicians that we helped find great jobs!

Testimonials from Dental Laboratories that we helped find top dental technicians!


"Tom filled all 3 positions in a week..."

I'd like to thank Tom and his website www.DentalTechnologyJobs.com for the excellent service provided for us at DSG Toronto. Last week I asked Tom to help find 3 new dental technicians for us; an experienced CAD/CAM Specialist, and experienced Gold/C&B Technician and an experienced Model Technician. Tom said he would post ads for us on his website www.DentalTechnologyJobs.com and then you would email the ads to his database of over 400 Job Watch Subscribers. The next day we started receiving email resumes from candidates. We filled all the positions within a week... at less that the cost of running newspaper ads! If you need good dental technicians fast, I recommend you call Tom

Andre Dagenais RDT
Lab Manager
Dental Services Group of Toronto

"Great Service "

I use Tom and his website www.DentalTechnologyJobs.com whenever I need new dental techicians. His extensive database of dental technicians who are looking for new job opportunities works great!

Libra Dental Lab Ltd
Toronto, Ontario

"Tom got me out of a real bind!"

It can be difficult for labs to find dental technicians when we need then. Last week we needed a new model techncian so I called Tom. A week later we had our new technician. You got me out of a real bind. Thanks Tom!

 Mike Cornacchia RDT
Shaw Dental Lab - Brampton